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02 August

Put Your Back Into It

remateebunperThere are a lot of reasons that people snore. Some people snore because they take sedatives before they go to bed to help them even get some sleep and those sedatives over-relax their muscles in the mouth and throat which causes a blockage of the airway and-voila! Snoring. Some people snore because they are overweight, drink or smoke too much, suffer seasonal allergies, or even just because they sleep on their backs. It’s not the most pleasant thing to have to deal with; snoring. But it’s not completely hopeless. There are scads of products out there that are just begging to be used to help you stop snoring.

You can find mouthpieces, nasal strips and cones, chin straps, wristband, rings. The most unique thing that has ever been created, in our opinion, is the Rematee Bumper Belt®

This thing is almost indescribable. Never has something like this been seen before! Well, at least we haven’t seen it. While it may be weird looking, it’s really simple and very straightforward in its execution. It’s almost so simple it makes you laugh a little bit when you think about it.

This device is worn around your chest, not your waist. It’s meant to be snug but not too tight. It has straps that come over your shoulders and a fastening device at the front. It sits at the top of your chest and it won’t change its shape. It’s kind of like a back support belt but for your chest, if that makes sense.

On the back of the Rematee Bumper Belt® are three inflatable bags which act as the bumpers. Yeah, just like the name says. So you inflate these little bags and hook this baby around your upper body and settle in for the night. You’ll be positioned on your side or stomach because the belt makes it impossible to sleep in any other way.

Positioning is one thing, but really snoring mouthpieces are much better devices for snoring relief. Look here.

And that’s the simple beauty of it: the Rematee Bumper Belt® forces you into a sleeping position where you can’t be on your back. You try to roll onto your back those bumpers are going to stop you from doing that. If you somehow manage to get onto your back you’re going to be so uncomfortable from those bumpers digging into you that you’ll probably wake up or naturally roll back over to save yourself from the discomfort.

This device is really useful for those who snore only when sleeping on their backs. This can be caused by a variety of things but if you only snore when you sleep on your back, this just might work for you. Aside from the discomfort you’d feel if you tried to roll over, this device isn’t invasive and shouldn’t be painful. The band is meant to be snug, not overly tight and the fact that the bags at the back are filled with air and not a solid substance helps in the fact that they won’t cause much damage to your body.

The Rematee Bumper Belt® is pretty user friendly and doesn’t require any special maintenance. Yes, it is designed to be replaced every so often so you may have to buy a new one in a year or so. The price makes up for that fact and even mouthpieces which are meant to be replaced every four months are far more expensive. You can wash your bumper belt in the laundry like a regular piece of clothing which is also handy.

If you’re a back-sleeper and a massive snorer this may be the device you’ve been looking for. It’s pretty unique and interesting and it’s really nice to find an anti-snoring device that isn’t designed to be shoved in your mouth or up your nose.

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