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16 April

Effects Of Anti Wrinkle Creams

awcs5Well, most anti wrinkle creams promise good results for the users, but in the long run, there are serious side effects, depending on how individuals react to different chemicals. At times, prolonged usage may be the undoing of someone. Most creams usually have labels with side effects indicated. But then, some of those reactions do not apply to every individual as some develop other serious reactions. The most common one is the burning sensation especially with exposure to sun rays. Some users have reported serious burns which have forced them to seek remedial treatment and to discontinue use immediately. Some have turned to cheap glass bongs for relief.

Other notable reactions include hormonal imbalance. Most anti wrinkle creams are recommended for women who have reached menopause. However, some women use them before that age bracket, causing their systems to get disturbed. Some of the products are known to cause abnormal rashes on the skin. This is because most of the products are tested on a particular skin yet the user may be of another origin. This has affected many users as some products are made for Caucasians but end up being used by Asians or vice versa. Other than that, some chemical compositions may present serious allergic reactions to users, leading to abnormal occurrences that may force one to seek advanced medical attention.

Are You Searching For Anti Wrinkle Creams?

So, it finally happened, did it? You washed your face, put on your favorite jewelry, and began to apply your makeup, when what to your wondering eyes should appear, but a wrinkle. That is right. It is time to think about skin care, all over again. In the past, you may have gotten by with a simple fruit scrub and a cheap moisturizer, but now you need to consider your skin care regimen from scratch. That is, if you want to slow those wrinkles down. The good news is that many experts are available to help you in your local department store, at the health foods store, and even at your doctor

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