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27 February

Phone Features You SHOULD Have

pfysIF YOU’RE LIKE MOST PEOPLE, THOSE ADORABLE brochures that are stuffed in with your phone bill get scrapped instead of read. Problem is, these are where the phone company touts its latest goodies–from 500 numbers to 100 new ways to use your pound (#) and star (*) keys. New services, it seems, are added monthly by local and long-distance carriers alike. You may be missing out on some cheap and easy ways to enhance your communications.

To keep you informed, we’ve rounded up the most useful new offerings. Note: All prices vary …

24 February

Privacy? What Exactly Is That??

pweitIF YOU THINK YOUR PRIVACY IS PROTECTED, GUESS again. Anyone with access to a computer and certain online services can dig up more about you in one afternoon than an old gumshoe could track down in a week. In just 10 minutes, for example, we found out Vice President Al Gore’s and House Speaker Newt at Gingrich’s home addresses and phone numbers, their lengths of residency, the value of their homes, and their estimated incomes, using the PeopleTracker database (CDB Infotek, 800-427-3747). PeopleTracker also provides another choice bit of information: The names, …

02 February

The Uses Of Spectral Cameras

scSpectral cameras are one of a kind camera that divides the image in several bands. By doing this, one can see more than the naked eye. Thus, spectral cameras are greatly used for different applications, may it be for agriculture, food processing, mineralogy, eye care and many others. Basically, the nature of this camera is it has sensors or processing systems that can provide specific results. The sensors will look at objects through an electromagnetic spectrum and these objects will leave its own fingerprints, which is unique. The fingerprints are also called …