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01 February


The funny thing about a strong voice: it’s hard to silence it. This is a fact that took a long time for people in the community to recognize, but now, as the fruits of our labors again begin to be on display, they really have no choice.

See us as a renewed freer press, if you would. See us as a threat to your complacency. See us as clowns of deliberate elegance. See us as you will. We will continue to fight the good fight, and let people know of the issues that are important to America (and are not heard anywhere near the mainstream media).

Welcome to the future of

Hey, sometimes you need to make a change. So this site, of course, was very sports oriented. That had to change, and it did as I founded a business and got interested in other things. I’ll still approach sports from time to time, but the focus has changed, friends.

Thanks for visiting, though. Yes, I’m still around.

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