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02 February

The Uses Of Spectral Cameras

scSpectral cameras are one of a kind camera that divides the image in several bands. By doing this, one can see more than the naked eye. Thus, spectral cameras are greatly used for different applications, may it be for agriculture, food processing, mineralogy, eye care and many others. Basically, the nature of this camera is it has sensors or processing systems that can provide specific results. The sensors will look at objects through an electromagnetic spectrum and these objects will leave its own fingerprints, which is unique. The fingerprints are also called the spectral signatures which allow the user to identify the materials specifically. Engineers have built this in order to differentiate some things, conduct studies, and create possible treatments and many others.

For instance, the spectral camera allows the agriculturists to monitor their crops and identify any disease. Since it is specific, it sees the growth of the crops and gives them convenience in treating any existing problem. Moreover, food manufacturers also use this kind of camera to monitor their products from any defects or presence of foreign materials. Although the spectral cameras are quite expensive and complex, it allows them to maintain the quality of the product and produce a good yield.

How Spectral Cameras Are Used

Engineers have built spectral cameras in order to identify certain objects that cannot be seen through the naked eye. This camera is not the traditional type of imaging that captures and processes a visible light in three different bands; red, blue and green. It usually divides a spectrum in several bands which will reveal the fingerprints of the object, a kind of spectral signature that distinguishes it from the other. Thus, the spectral cameras are useful in identifying things like foreign materials, bacteria, and many others.

For instance, this type of camera is used by mineralogists to search for new oil fields. Since they can identify every material that is found underneath the soil surface, it is easier for them to know if there is a presence of oil in it. In addition to this, the camera is also used in the identification of foreign materials or defects in food manufacturing. Because it is specific, it helps them maintain good quality while producing high yields. Therefore, spectral imaging is beneficial in any fields. Although it is definitely expensive to purchase and quite complex to operate, users are assured of getting the best experience and a more detailed identification of objects through spectral cameras.

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